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2018 Australian Open men's singles 1/4 finals Nadal Cricketed due to injury, Si Cilic into the Australian Open semi-finals

January 23, the 2018 season, the first Grand Slam Open Australian Open race will start the ninth race. Men's and men's quarter-finals today will be kicked off today, Nadal Croatia challenger Celic strong challenge, the fourth set, Nadal 1-4 when applied for a medical suspension, it seems that there are some problems on his knees, he The movement is clearly affected.

The final set, Nadal 0-2 behind the case, due to knee injuries can not adhere to, reluctantly retire, send Cilic into the Australian Open semi-finals. After the two sides shook hands, Nadal severely dropped the cuff to the rest area, showing that Nadal was very dissatisfied with himself.

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2018 Planetarium: there are two total eclipse

There will be two full moons in 2018 throughout the year, which will occur on January 31 and July 28 respectively. The difference is that one time is before the middle of the night and the other one after the middle of the night.

It is noteworthy that the full moon on January 2, as the super moon, is the largest full moon this year, the earth's heart diameter of about 33.56 points.

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2018 Super Bowl against: Patriots PK Hawks Brady impact sixth crown

In 2018 the 52nd Super Bowl against, the New England Patriots led by quarterback Tom - Brady to 24-20 reversal of Jacksonville Jaguar, 10th among the Super Bowl, will be victorious with 38-7 The Philadelphia Eagles of the Minnesota Vikings are decisive. This is also Tom Brady for the eighth time participating in the Super Bowl, and strive for personal sixth victory.

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Australian Open 2018 8th schedule

January 22, 2018 season Australian Open today will start the race on the 8th day of the competition. Men's and women's single fourth round will continue, the Swiss king Roger Federer, Serbian king Djokovic and German star Kobe Bryant will play again to attack the top 8 seats, which Djokovic will face the rapid upward momentum The Korean genius Zheng xuan, Djokovic may be facing a bitter fight.

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Bring your own bag, real or a hoax?

Is the "bring your own bag" deal for Sephora real or a hoax?

Leave a message and let me know what you think!

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How to evaluate den of thieves?

A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.

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How to make a skirt by yourself?

When you see a particular favorite skirt on T stage or fashion magazine, but you are unable to pay. Or perfect skirt that in your dream can not be purchased in reality. Then do it yourself! Here are a few basic steps can help you make a skirt.

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If women have a problem when men look at their breasts, why do they wear push-up bras

The best way to think of this question is to de-emphasize the action of wearing a push up bra, and focus on who the intended audience is:

·         If the woman in question is wearing a push up bra even when there is no one else around, then she is likely trying to express a more youthful/curvy sense of self.
·         If the woman in question is wearing a push up bra in a social situation that implies a certain degree of courtship, she is likely trying to increase her competitive edge over other women for a better mate.
·         If the society this woman lives in is sexually repressed, she could be wearing a push up bra to flaunt the rules and claim a kind of sex positive feminism, or vice versa, follow the rules of a patriarchal society where women are objectified.
·         If the woman is wearing a push up bra specifically in the workplace or around social networking events, she is likely trying to use her beauty as an instrument to access greater wealth and opportunities.
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Is there a snow storm coming?

If you are tuned in to all of the weather rumors, you are hearing about a possible snowstorm this weekend somewhere over the Great Lakes region. There are some things we know and some things we don't know about the possible snowstorm.

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Kelie Jenna Khloe Kardashian pregnant

According to media reports, Kim Kardashian's 20-year-old sister, Kylie Jenner, was pregnant and recognized by her family, and Khloe Kardashian also got a pregnancy message , Her boyfriend is NBA star Tristan Thompson (Tristan Thompson), the two have been dating for a year.

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