Men must know which condom is right for you

Men must know which condom is right for you

There are too many types of condoms. When men usually go to buy them, they only choose the brand and don't care about anything else. Choosing the right condom is not only emotional in sex, but also has a delayed effect.

1. Pursuit of quality: optional ultra-thin condoms.        

This sleeve combines ultra-thinness and toughness, it can prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. According to reports, the product is 20% thinner than similar products, but can still pass the sexual intercourse test strongly.


2. Couples with strict life: optional natural sheepskin condoms.        

You may not think that this kind of condom is made of natural animal skin, which is thin and soft. Although it is more expensive, it will give off a fresh, fragrant taste. Because it does not prevent the transmission of STDs, it is best for couples who do not have extramarital sex.

3, premature ejaculation: optional durable condoms.        

The outer side of the condom is warm and stimulating lubricant, and the inner tip is coated with an anesthetic called benzocaine, which can reduce the sensitivity of the skin and cause a slight numbness in the male penis. While effectively prolonging the sex time, it will not affect the feeling of women.



4. Fast combatants (no foreplay): Latex sleeves with warming effects and water-like lubricants can be used.        

Its warming action stimulates the clitoris, labia, and vaginal walls in women. If your boyfriend is slow to warm up, this condom can help him get in quickly like a hot stream.

5. Looking for stimulation type: optional extra large spiral condom.        

This type of condom is 15% larger than normal. At the same time, the extra part at the top of the condom, coupled with the spiral shape, can enhance the friction of the relevant parts, making you and your partner feel more stimulating.