Why do paramedics wear sunglasses?

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Why do so many people fail at dressing well?

For a very large percentage of the population, fashion is the enemy. Clothing for women is made primarily for pre-pubescent or starved bodies. When one is a not-10 year old female one develops inconsistent and inconvenient curves and bumps. Clothing designers do not like those curves and bumps and they make SURE you know it. How dare we have hips? Hips are ugly! Breasts should remain a decent 30" no more, so that pre-filled bras make sense.

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What are cute outfits with skirts?

Skirts add a lovely feminine aesthetic to any look and are perfect for every occasion. As versatile as they are fashionable, skirts can be worn for work, the weekend, a night out, and so much more. All you need to do is find your ideal skirt type and style it in an on-trend way for a gorgeous appearance.

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What kind of clothes did you wear in each chapter of your life and why?

I have a complicated relationship with clothing.
It’s not that it started out that way. I was born and wore typical baby clothes like you see in the photo above.
As I grew older, things got switched up a bit…
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What are the best brands of lingerie

There are more than 110 Bra brands available in the market, crazy isn’t it?
In this piece, we will talk about some brands which have made their mark in the Market globally and are accepted due to the quality, style and of course the Brand.
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How much makeup do you usually wear

A lot. I can’t live without it and I hate how reliant I am on it.
I started wearing makeup at age 15, after a random girl on the train sneered at me and called me ugly. She was someone I had never met and I had never said a word to her but I cried all the way home. Her comment wasn’t the catalyst to my wearing makeup but it certainly played a huge role given that at the time I was struggling with self-confidence.
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Why is lingerie so uncomfortable

We are so conscious whenever we shop for our lingerie as we want support and comfort but some bra make us feel so uncomfortable and we know how it feel when we get home wearing an uncomfortable bra and can’t wait to just take it off and let the breasts free.

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What kind of dress should I wear

Uaually, it depends on what kind of dresses you love or prefer. Some are willing to wear the expensive and elegant evening dress; But some are addicted to those casual dress or party dress, which will make them feel more comfortable.

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Are panties necessary

It is more healthy to leave your genital area uncovered, because you are less likely to develop thrush. So that is another benefit of going knickerless.
Today the weather was lovely and I wore a light summer dress with of course nothing underneath. It felt great with just the hint of an occasional breeze between my legs. My dress was knee length so no real chance of it blowing up. We had a picnic in the park. There were lots of people about so I had to be careful to be discrete when sitting on the grass. I don't think I flashed anyone.
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How do the clothes that people wear reflect their personalities?

There is no doubt that clothes is one of the things that can reflect a person's personality but just like any other clue you can't depend on it alone to make a conclusion. You need to be able to connect the dots in order to be able to make a correct conclusion about a person.

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